Grimsby Folk Club

June 2020

7th: Spotlight Night (£2.00)

Spotlight Another evening of our local folk club members and those from the wider acoustic music scene.
Clarty Sough, Ian & Michelle Wright, Ian Tyzac, Les Brown. (not running order)

14th: Club Night

Singers, Musicians, poets and story tellers come and perform or just come and appreciate.

21st: Paul Dickinson & Graham Pratt

Paul and Graham Graham came with Paul in February 2017 and they did a few songs together. It was a great night, now they are back as a team. They are both well known on the folk scene. Paul from Spalding who has won "Write a Lincolnshire Folk Song Competition" and a regular contributer. Graham playing the club many times with his wife Eileen.

28th: Na-Mara

Na-Mara Welome return of Rob & Paul, having built an enviable reputation for fine story-telling and musicianship, performing in venues and festivals across the UK and on the continent as well as on BBC Radio 4 and a plethora of internet and local radio stations. They consistently deliver new and exciting material to folk audiences with their own provocative material in traditional style on contemporary and historical topics.
Na-Mara's Web Site

Spotlight Night (£2.00) Ian Skelton, Lynn McFarland, Martin Heaton, Teri & Nigel Creasey (not running order)
12th: The Wilson Family (Members £10.00 Guests £12.00)

Closed for Summer